We have all grown up with McCormick, watching loved ones use these spices to create anything from a weeknight meal to a holiday dessert. While the nostalgia this brand creates should never be lost, this rebrand strives to reach a new generation that will keep the name McCormick alive for generations to come. Watercolor and organic textures were used in this rebrand to reflect the handmade and natural aspects of McCormick’s spices.

rebranding, packaging, logo design

Watercolor Labels [above]: One of the biggest challenges facing McCormick was the way their spices and extracts were organized. With the rebrand, each label is colored (shown above) according to where it falls on the gradient (shown below) alphabetically, making it easier to identify spices and extracts. This helps shopability for the consumer in the store, and navigation and organization of spices and exctracts in their kitchen.